Thursday, June 9, 2016

Keeping Up With Keeping Up - Thoughts On Degrees and The Hiring Process 6/9/2016

“6/7 -6/9? Where’s the 8th?” Ok, you caught me. But like I said, I missed my train the other day, so  I stayed at my parents to be able to submit homework. But this time it’s serious. No more kiddin’ around. Back to the offering. A paragraph a day.
This topic was sparked by the mishap I wrote about the other day. The bump in the road, the three hour commute. Like most people, when I become upset about something or find myself dealing with injustice, I over think about it. I think about it until I’m blue in the face, until the topic is beaten dry, until the dead horse is intercepting the club and telling me to cut it out. And because of these overthought conflicts, my emotions relay what I believe to be truth, where it might have been wrung out. This topic that was invoked by the long commute and delayed successful travel, is the topic of education. Education at least in terms of employment. The idea that this papered diploma bestowed upon me, is just that, paper. Without this, I would have a highschool/GED diploma job. A job that you learn over time, but that could not amount to anything more than excessive gear turning. A job that is more physical then theoretical, more monotonous than thoughtful and more laborious than a job that someone who committed years of education should have to undergo. So, you’re thinking, because I have a diploma (Bachelor’s if you were wondering, and now working towards my second), this should be a bench mark to success, a real handicap to a position of managerial prowess. This I can guarantee you, is not the case. So I overthought this topic because of my flawed commute. This daily sacrificial journey to make a slight bump on pay from a job of no diploma. It had me question, well…. What the fuck. Why would I do this? What was the point of education, if sacrifice is to be made in and out of work, during and after school? Why get a certificate into this rat race, when both output and aggravation is slightly more? With this question, I played the stages of grief. I denied the truth, I begged for truth and I came to terms with what I argued to be a justified counter. There must be an uncertainty by employers. It must be a gamble, and one that they are not ready to fold to. When looking for a job, you can see requirements of a 6 years, 2 certificates and a buttload of experience. Something one would expect to receive from said company. When does the time come for 6 years of experience, if that is the milestone for this company to consider a candidate? It doesn’t stop there though. To even become a candidate, one must do backflips and summersaults for an appointed trainer, a talent agent, a recruiter. These get rich quick minded, unsuccessful business minor graduates, huddle together in a room, quick dial with copyandpasted scripts, and plan for your weakened defense. Only offering contract to hire jobs that promise everyone a cut of the deal. Employers appoint these jockeys to fulfill their hiring process, taking out the personality of the process and crippling the ability for one to take care of this process by themselves and for themselves. If the process is taken from us, and the years given to college turn out to just be compared to someone who was offered the training and experience over years, how does one beat this machine? Well, this might have to be answered in another post, because I am not entirely sure. This doityourself ability to find an employer has been given to the rich white families who inherit their opportunity from daddy. Everyone else, well everyone else will have to compete. But luckily for us, recruiters are there to help with that. They are there to “sell” us as candidates. They take their time and carefully copy and then paste their thoughtful offers to us, and then back to the employers. They look out for pay out. Leaving no limbo or personal access into a company. So I say, someone needs to develop a Craigslist for employers and employees that takes the Targets and Kohl's out of the equation. A service that allows an employer to find an employee with benefits on both sides, and no one to scoop the middle of the rainbow sherbet (that's my lemon sherbert...). Until there's no middle man, like the mafia used to do with insurance, the employment process will continue to be this one sided profitable lifeless mistake of a process, leaving everyone screwed except the recruitment companies.

Go develope!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Revelation 6/7/2016

Impractically this is how I think this will "go down": deep breaths, long ventilation, and a few paragraphs to match. Realistically, it will not be anything like that. Instead it will be one, maybe two at most, but at least one paragraph at a time. What I am trying to say, is that I would like to get back into the written word expression, and to continue to blog (even if it is only one paragraph at a time. I might only have the ability to post that at most, while at work.). "Why?!" you may ask. Well, I feel forced down. When I shift left, life shifts down. When I move forward, life pushes backward, then forces downward. Then, while life is busy having a self competing circle jerk with itself, I attempt to adjust adequately and excel in my endeavors. Life realizes, rears its aggressive hairline receding head, assesses my strategic decisions to attempt advancement at grasping life, and detrimentally twists my arm. Visuals aside, life has hit it's peak at crippling my expression. No longer having time for emotion, I feel this is a feasible way to sprinkle (not pour) my mood out for you the reader. "You the reader? is he really breaking third wall?" Yes. Yes I am. So be quiet, it convinces me that someone might read this some day... Just go along for the ride, listen to me drool while at work or in commute, and take it for what it is. In time I will adjust back into story telling and opinions about technical topics, relevant events and general things I see fit.

So here I go...  

My commute took three hours today.

Look at that sentence, and compare it to what you might do for three hours. You might find yourself playing a riveting game of horse shoes, sewing an American flag, chasing your neighbor's dog around the yard. Whatever you do, you can effectively draw up in your mind, what you would like to spend a duration of three hours doing. This is not what I would like to do. Spending a good twenty minutes parked on a highway at the start of my commute, to then miss my train (mind you this is an hour into my commute), to then have to drive the rest of the journey by car, to only get caught in traffic (which taking the train helps me avoid), is not something I would like to do or can continue to do.  But, because of this pain staking feat this morning, I felt the need to fall back into expression.

There seems to be a melancholy tie that I have to traveling and writing. Maybe it is the time one gets to sit and ponder. Maybe it's the boredom that imposes revelation. Whatever the reason, I had a hunch, a HUNCH DAMN YOU! And though majority of my posts are about getting back into the swing of things, or sometimes minor updates, this one will be just the same. But don't be perturbed, because this post is different. This post will start my thirst to express, which is currently left in drought. Currently I possess works that I have yet to publish from months ago. These will be finished and posted, And until I can play open mics, continue TinyArcade, or invest into any sort of development, I will be posting regularly, hopefully daily (setting the bar high!).

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Travels #3

And there he was, on my bus once again, with all his glory. The old Mick took a seat in front of me, as if he wanted me to write a new blog about him. But what was this? He had a suitcase! Was I right to say he made it big off those tickets? Or was this just his house and everything of value, and his weathered appearance truly reflected his financial/housing status. While I write this blog, I would love to assume he found his calling and that the suitcase is for his travels down to a tropical island collecting retirement while sipping on margaritas. But he is just another old Mick from Boston, so that couldn't be farther from the truth.

As I sit on the bus I realize that this man is more of a mystery than I can deal with. As he sits down next to an African American woman (something he didn't look to certain of doing), he situates himself with his suitcase infront of him, and throws on a pair of reading glasses. What was it that he is going to perform you may ask? He takes out a huge stack of those crossword scratch tickets. O old Mick, if only you could kick this addiction. Unlike a child with a big bag of candy not knowing where to begin at mowing that bag down, he jumps into the stack of lottery tickets without hesitation. An elderly Hispanic woman watches him with an out most admiration, as if he is serving his country by scratching those puppies, with a stare as though she has now caught the crossword lotto ticket addiction. 

He reaches his glasses out infront of him, with a nice greasy glaze on the glass, as greasy as his appearance, he is unsatisfied. He unzipps a small pocket of his suitcase and retrieves another pair of reading glasses. Are these his crossword ticket glasses? Now this is getting serious. He gets a phone call, which he picks up his same 90s flip phone, of which he still has not mastered answering without having it on speaker phone. He does his same old horse and pony show, "yuuuup", "yuuuup". But this time it's a shorter conversation. This time she tells him she'll call him back later, and was only asking him if he's on the bus, the conversation is over after two yups. Where is he going this time? And how come his phone conversation isn't longer than the hour and a half bus trip? Did he do good last time and he got this mystery woman the coffee machine she desired? He must be going somewhere of importance and this time he doesn't have time for his wife's lip. Or he must have gotten the overly admired coffee machine and our Mick has done so good to the point of not being nagged.

We arrived at his usual stop, the Moody St. bus and train connection stop. He gets off and heads to the bus overhead and sits down with a woman who helps him with his coffee. As interesting as all of this was to me, my analyzing was put on hold as I noticed we were going the wrong way down Main st. I must have gotten on the 70A, though I'm almost certain it said 70 when I got on it at Cambridge (sometimes I swear they're fucking with me). After walking through the backroads of waltham in 90 degree sun shinning weather to get farther west on Main Street, I realized that maybe I was supposed to have taken the wrong bus to see this Mick again. Maybe I was supposed to find more out about him, slowly and discretely. I don't know if I will see this spectacle of Irish proportions in any more of my travels from and to work, but you can bet your bottom dollar I will write what I can from what I see. Until then I wish him luck and that he gets what he is looking for.

What's in store for this blog?..... I'm working on ideas, but school gets in the way. So bare with me. Hopefully I'll explain my take on introversion and why I'm so anal about what music I listen to. If you don't know what I'm talking about or you don't know what the definition of introversion is, stay tuned.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Travel #2


The post before this, I promised you all (those who actually read this nonsense) that I would start to write about my travels to work from Boston to Waltham (not entirely sure I ever wrote where the travels took place). And this whole blogging thing is not as easy as it might seem. I currently allow my creativity to remain dim with the promotion of continuous practice with engineering theory. I will tell one more story that happened last week, that I should have uploaded in the moment. After this story I will bury this traveling fable like a child buries a small house pet, in a shoe box, next to a tree, in the back yard, next to all of the other animals that my younger fictional character is too busy to feed. I will occasionally dig up the rotting corpse to poke out new stories, but this is me pulling myself out of a committed relationship with you the reader (it's not you, its me).

 Due to me finding headphones for the train, my attention has been skewed. When I do see something worth investing my attention, I will listen, but too much of me in this moment has been hiding behind my introverted-music-loving-self. And at the same time I feel as though human nature is being comfortable keeping to ones-self, so sometimes I am not as lucky to find an interesting character on the 70 bus to Waltham. But this other day (sorry for just writing it now) I did find this short, weathered Mick sitting by himself on the bus, so I chose to sit with him. I feel that if I was anything but white, him being of a different generation, he would have been up in arms, but we were both of the same flavor, so he kept to his scratch tickets. I was never a fan of those contests that required you to count how many jelly beans were in a jar up on the counter in front of you, especially since every time I would partake, I was young and too short to even see the jar from underneath the counter. So I will make up a fictional but somewhat accurate number for how many scratch tickets he had. Based on his orientation and how he had a flip phone from the early 90's I would assume that he was out to win, not to buy a better phone, but to be able to add to that collection of paper he had on his lap, to only encourage that his loss could be turned around. He had maybe 30 to 40 of these fucking things that he was going through like he was working at a conveyer belt (which would benefit his salary more if he actually worked during this time of scratching). They were the crossword scratch cards and how they are played is unclear to me, but he looked like he should have skipped off the bus we were riding together, skipped down towards your local university and graduated for the art of crossword gambling, this guy knew what he was doing. He was doing three or four a minute, if he could he would be wearing down the quarter that was guiding his addiction (if material science worked like that). During this abuse of his paper crack, his 90's phone that I referenced went off like an alarm letting the troops know there was an airade. He fell out of his trance and answered the phone, put it on speaker phone (for the whole bus to hear) and put it in his lap. A woman, I am guessing his wife, was on the other end of this prehistoric phone line supported by his prehistoric cell phone. Though she seemed to have importance in her tone, he kept her on speaker phone to be able to continue scratching his way to success. Now the reason I reference this story is because of how little he cared for what she had to say, which wildly amused me. When I get married (which right now seems funnier than this story, which is honestly not that funny) I figure that I would listen to my wife and give more than a few shits about what she has to say. But this is where I am set apart from my characters on the bus, and this is why they are worth writing about. As he had her in his lap on the phone, she would go on and on..... about this woman she knew...... and what this woman had...... and how she had a coffee maker....... and how she herself wanted a coffee maker........ Stories would form upon stories and this phone call turned into a tale, a tall tale infact. She made this phone call turn into a real tragedy, with herself being the hero. And though this phone coversation was lasting an hour and then an hour and a half, turning into majorty of the bus ride, the only answer to come out of his mouth was "yeah". This was no normal "yeah" that one normally gives to a story. This was a smokers cough yeah. A real breathy yeah that shows how little he cared about who needed a coffee machine. She would stop after he said "yeah", and it had me pretty convinced she would nag the usual wife saying "are you even listening to me?", but no, she kept on talking about that coffee machine. She never once stopped and wondered if he was listening to her and her distress, as if, in this year of their marriage, she expected the old bastard to not to listen, and that she would benefit from nearly pretending he was listening. He would occasionally answer direct questions she had, but these answers never sparked him to have to give an answer other than yeah. Nearing Waltham the conversation ended, he got off the phone after his last "yeah" and a "bye", and went back to his scratching, like a kid with poison ivy.

Now, your probably asking yourself, did he ever get that coffee machine? Well fuck that, who cares, you should be asking yourself if he ever made it big off of those scratch tickets, if he did then he could have that desired coffee catered to him. Maybe that's his motive for the scratch tickets. That's the difference between engineers and muggles, you need to think about what someone else is thinking, and I figure, he thought he wouldn't need that old bag and her coffee talk if he won it big with those tickets. Well whatever happens to him, I figure he'll be fine, drunk at one of his cousins bars in downtown Boston, or winning it big and going down to a paradise island. Good luck old Mick.

Now that I finally got that story out, for those who actually read this shit, I will talk about TinyArcade. TinyArcade (against my will) is dead (for now). TinyArcade was Nik and I, and will not be otherwise. I will continue to write to this blog, if I have ideas. I will upload poems and short stories I have worked on. I will come up with impromptu ways to keep you the reader intrigued (I know that the only person who reads this is my "sole promoter" Mr. Kevin, but one can dream), but I will somehow come up with themes to keep writing. This will hopefully spark somewhat of a following, and bring Nik back to the cause, maybe I should start a freeNik contribution. But as for TinyArcade, with engineering and work bringing me down, I am more than willing to bring TinyArcade back (regardless of the large following **sarcasm**). Nik on the other hand, is under friend category #8, I have not heard from him or seen him (at least not who I know him to be) in months. He has found himself engulfed in a depression brought on by the job he works and the girl he wastes his time on. Time will takes it's tole and he will see that he needs to play a fucking video game and do what he knows he loves, he was the one that started TinyArcade. Like us and follow the shit out of us, maybe you can bring Nik back. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Travels #1

This segment that I will start will only last this summer, it's something to keep the reader on their toes since I have no material and am not particularly the best at writing blogs at a constant enough pace that someone who owns a blog should. This segment will entice you with a series of short stories. Short stories of my travels in and out of Boston as I work during college. 

Working part time during college is not a common task, as those who can have their parents shit out tuition tend to party instead of working part time to land a full time position that they have been working at for multiple coops. Not to say that the average person doesn't desire the party scene and not to say that there isn't a tiny part of me that would rather do what I want after classes and relax. Not all of us can pay for a college or housing, and not all of us attend a college that has such a reputation that allows you to be at the receiving end of a happy ending we call employment. And there are even those that either choose to not go to college or simply cannot afford to go to college, which leads us to today's episode of low class debauchery.

Being new to the idea of traveling outside of Boston without a car, I find everything that can happen in the public scene of public transportation refreshing and very entertaining (sometimes very humorous). The idea that two people, both males, bumping into each other after years of never seeing each other, and magically by the goodness of the transportation gods finding themselves in each other's embrace once more (one of them forgot the others name), wildly fascinates me. And even more fascinating is the topic of conversation after semi knowing each other and then finding each other once again. This topic that I speak of is the topic of incarceration.

I have friends, you have friends, the human race is incapable of not having some sort of companionship. Some people have more friends than others, some think that having a large of sum of friends on Facebook is equivalent to having more friends than others and some think their hand fits the need of having a friend, whatever the situation is, we all have friends, some closer than others. But in this situation, they came back together after years apart, knowing each-other from a "cookout" that one of them hosted. To me, the defintion of friend doesn't really apply to their situation, but that didn't stop them from comparing failures. Since I just thoroughly explained the duration of their friendship, you as the reader can understand the best part. The best part (which humored me entirely), is that they could pass the hour they had back together talking about something so degrading as jail time.

Now I've never been to jail, nor do I plan on it, but can this be a common topic of conversation? Does one normally bump into an aquatence and bring up stories of theft, recently having children and spending that time in jail instead of taking care of such children? The way that they had such similar stories to share made it clear that this must be a common instance in American life. This made it seem as though going to jail regularly has lost it's severity. Growing up, being taught to do good and behave was force fed. But this changed everything.

The other guy that wasn't previously in jail recapped to the one who was in jail about how he was recently shot and how the nerves in his leg no longer work and that he can no longer move his foot. He approached such topic with a full demonstration of his foot no longer pivots in it's joint. This topic also seemed as though being shot was not a big deal in the slightest.

Dinner conversation starters must not be my forte.

For today's episode, we addressed the negative and degrading culture that we call lower class America. Stay tooned for more bizarre stories

Monday, January 13, 2014


My Opinion On Friends (Sometimes People in General):

In every placement, you find yourself with a group of friends, everyone is really close, and in the moment its really good shit. But life trends change; at the age of 19 and older you find that your friends develop common characteristics, as if breaking off into categories.

These categories are as follows:
1) they go away to school and join a frat or sorority and convince themselves that their brotherhood or sisterhood is infact their real group of friends and that drowning themselves in alcohol, drugs and whatever their school can grant from donations, with their "brothers" or "sisters" will last them forever. Conversations always reside in stories of the past, vacationing and time off would rather be spent back at school or continuing school culture where they reside and every aspect of life is wrapped in this aggressive lifestyle, like the impulse to wrap everything in bacon. When school is over, the idea of maturing is never met and becoming a bachelor while supporting your sufficed self-loving girlfriend with three small dogs and a purse makes up for no longer being able to shotgun beers with your brothers.
2) they stay home to doom themselves to a life that they burden onto their parents, they smoke the reefer like its a four course meal and when they're not indulging, theyre preparing a bowl to be smoked before working at your local super market as a professional produce bagger.
3) They are committed to an education, an education that is brought on by a hobby, a focus that they stumbled upon when they were in highschool, the career that to most would be convinced should just stay a hobby. They are so committed to this activity that sleep is drowned by coffee and fast paced drugs, leaving their life on permanent standby. The only contact is permited to the person they're fucking. This lifestyle leads them to convince themselves their career choice will land large sums of money, when in reality the time and materials needed bring them back to live in continuous poverty.
4) They are parents before they even reach the legal age of drinking, all luxuries and spare time gone, community college no longer a reach but a dream. They soak up any story they can from those who didn't produce an unwanted spawn.
5)They have the dream job, they didnt work for any of it but instead had their daddy shit out a job offer, sign the toilet paper and got them a job at his office of law. They are commited to this position, its fabrication and making sure people know how hard they didn't work for it by showing off its outcome. Social gathering only involve others that share in the wealth.
6)They are just successful, the ones that have a life goal, a family in mind, the ones that bought "Life for Dumies" and follow it to the t. No longer do they have time for existing friends. Those positions are given to their family and a salary paying job in the middle of the United States.
7) They were raised into a religion and the older they become, the larger a percent fills up their culture. They blindly follow,become consumed with the culture and social aspect that it brings, and agree to whatever is told, the sheep in a flock.
8) They find their significant "other" at the center of their spectrum and the only person that they have time for. Projects and events normally planned, halt and then seize to exist as they relocate their time to this person they've known for less than a year. This person, that is now in their life, becomes so important that they seem to forget who they've known longer, and your friendship vanishes faster than their genitals which normally housed their self respect. 

Of course it isn't all pessimism, and of course there are the friends that remain. But eventually they are consumed wholely into a culture based on glutton and your presence becomes time threatening. They develop touches of each subject if not all and grant themselves happiness where it shouldn't be found.

What about me, how can I talk so much shit and convince you all that Im not part of any of those groups? Id like to think its because I avoid all of that completely, I think in moderation and I try and satisfy every instance. But who knows, that sounds very egotistical.
I am the epitome of extroversion ("I am Jack's complete lack of surprise"), and view society from a far, intrigued by psychology in a practical sense. I don't get caught up in the bullshit of partying and religion but still admire it for it's causes and effects. I find this evident simply because life lacks purpose with a simple answer.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Guess Blogs Have Titles?

(First Blog (Attempt))

Engineering school, buttloaded full of amazement and wonder, quickly found itself lost in procrastination.

Earlier in the day I was approached by the famous Mr. Kevin about starting a blog, I must have rubbed one off well with him because this idea isn't suggested to just anyone. I took upon his suggestion and dove into the blogging world. More and more projects were being added to my pile before I could finish the semester, so, why wouldn't I fuck it all off and jump into blogging? Of course making a blog account wasn't at first an easy task. With google dictating websites like blogger and youtube, the idea of fixing up accounts to have TinyArcade, and Nik and I's blogs tie together would sound peaches and cream, but that of course wasn't how it went down. Hours were spent figuring out what should have been a walk through the daisies. So now instead of studying and doing something school related to better my GPA, I'm saying FUCK THAT, and typing out a blog that will be read by all, swallowed by the masses, and then regurgitated onto the mouths of all their young ones.

So, with out further adieu, my first blog will be a story of sorts, a story of sorrow, happiness and just something to get all you fuckers rock hard by tall tales of excellency.

This story is a life lesson of sorts, a real nutcracker, something that even I didn't expect. A story that faced our procrastinator and a certain company, a company that will remain anonymous. This company offered a position that seemed meaningless and just plain shitless. Our procrastinator felt he had no time to look into meaningful companies such as Raytheon and EMC, and that this offer that this company was offering would have to suffice. Our procrastinator found the interviewing process with this company menial, simple, and by the end of it he left knowing the cum was still dripping down the side of their mouths. But this didn't matter, was Miley Cyrus embarrassed about processing the same transaction with the millions watching her on television?

So neither was our procrastinator. A week after interviewing, the company that was his previous employer re approached our hero with an offer. Well, fuck, now he has two jobs waiting on their knees and the choice was obvious but needed thought. After having to figure out housing on top of choosing the company that would take his seed, he received the call from said company about the offer he was being extended due to his performance in his interview. The procrastinator explained to him the time he would need to really give a concrete answer due to housing arrangements, after being the sack of shit this employer was, he agreed to be replied to at a later date. With both options weighed out, and nothing but living at home in mind, our hero decided to let this new company down, down hard, like telling a girlfriend you have herpes. He called back the employer no more than 15 hours later and explained to the sack of shit his decision and generously let the employer (though not subjected to) know about the other offer. Without hesitation the employer took the worst approach anyone not making the subject personal could have taken it. You don't go to strip club with your family and you don't take denials from a student looking for coops personally. But of course he took it to that level, "........Alex, if it ever comes to this again, I would never lie to an employer about your decision, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth". Fucked off real bad, our hero stepped back from the situation, "lying?", because the hero did not mention to the employer the job offer that was offered before his company offered a position on the earlier phone call, this was lying? Because housing was the biggest deciding factor when deciding on where to work the next semester (which he explained was why he couldn't give a concrete answer) our hero was lying? The procrastinator re-approached the scene, ready to fist. Retaliating the idea of lying and explaining calmly to the employer that he never lied, housing was needed to be dealt with and he did not take more time than was given on a decision. The employer chalk full of shit, so much that it came pouring through the crack supplied by the iphone receiver speaker, answered the only way he knew how, with such a personal response. Sounding like a girl after she is being begged to be forgiven after being cheated on, replied as such "Alex, it is what it is.....".  Baffled that a man could merge business and personal belief into a phone conversation in a mere seven minutes, our hero retorted his position, but was left unforgiven. The phone call was over and our hero, capeless, was left to sit next to a dead body that once housed a soul he could not save. Later that day he sent an email in response to the official offer letter that was sent to our hero an hour after this incident. The email offered an appology though lets not fuck around, our hero remained victor and still champion in this situation and wasnt owing anyone any shit sandwhich. But fuck, was he answered? Did this company responde and try and sort out the situation? Do Ducks have an ass? Im not entirely sure, but no. They didnt. And so our hero the procrastinator remained on top of the situation in his mind, but underneath it all, underneath the raw denial that made up our heroes exterior, lay the truth and that he knew that this fuck, this sheepish bitch won with the last word.

So, uhh, I guess this is what one does with a blog, maybe ill read other peoples blogs to give myself ideas for more fufilling stories that don't waste your time, im not really sure what this story had to do with video games or my Youtube channel. I suppose everyone works for real shit companies and have similiar stories, maybe this story will come across you and you sympathize with our hero. Our Hero will most likely return with stories that leave yourself feeling better because of his shit positions.
So stay tuned to Our Hero.

In regards to what else this blog will propose? I suppose there will be other stories not just about Our Hero, but about Video Games, Media, My opinion, because hey, if you didnt care about my opinion (very modest) you wouldnt be here in the first place. Maybe I'll post things that I feel won't go anywhere anyway and I don't feel sour for loosing it to the internet by means of blog, I suppose you just have to stop watching box office tv shows like Gossip Girls, or whatever everyone is watching now a days and read a good story.

Comment if you feel it just.

Heres a picture of a duck's ass.

- Alex